ParentData is making a podcast. You can listen to the trailer right now in your favorite podcast app, and the first episode comes out on Thursday, September 21. If that’s all you need to know, subscribe and I’ll see you then! Or read on to learn a little more…

What will you hear on the show? 

If you’ve been here a while, you know that I often do interviews, which also come out through a podcast feed. Let’s call this the “version 1.0” of the ParentData podcast. These interviews were fun, but the podcast was always a bit on the back burner.

Over time, I’ve realized there are a lot of complicated questions in parenting that are best tackled as a discussion — one with me bringing data and others bringing their own expertise.

The relaunch of the ParentData podcast aims to bring these conversations to the fore. Every other week, I’ll sit down with experts to talk through some of the most complicated issues facing pregnant people and parents: divorce, social media, school pressures, allergies, grief. The topics are sometimes heavy, but we’ll try to keep a little humor in. I’ll feature people I trust and who I would seek advice from. And we’ll also hear questions and stories from you, our listeners, reflecting how people are navigating these issues in real time.