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Emily Oster

New Subscriptions at ParentData

Our biggest update yet

Emily Oster

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Big announcement today: we’re reimagining how you interact with ParentData, and I could not be more excited. One of my core goals is to get you information that you can trust, when you need it. The best feedback is when someone tells me I was just worried about this, and then you were there in my inbox! To do this, we’ve made a number of upgrades over the years, and we’ve also grown into a bigger team, with more expert contributors — all of which is only possible with your support, so thank you.

Now we are rolling out the biggest update yet: new subscriptions that give you the ability to personalize your experience with ParentData and receive the content that is most meaningful to you. With these subscriptions, you’ll be able to select the newsletters you want to get in your inbox, whether that’s breaking down the latest headlines; reading data-driven insights on pregnancy, babies and toddlers, or big kids; or navigating hormonal health in your 40s, 50s, and beyond. These new options are completely flexible — subscribe to all of the newsletters if you want, or pick the ones that fit you and your family best. We want to let you choose exactly what you need from us, when you need it. 

Along with this, we’re adding monthly virtual events with me and special guests (it’ll be fun!) and keeping many of the features you already love, like full access to over 1,000 articles on our website, commenting on articles, and connecting with other parents in the Village.

What are the subscriptions? 

Starting today, we’re launching three new subscriptions so you can choose what fits your needs best. Here is what we’re offering:

  • Web Access: Full access to ParentData.org and occasional newsletters in your inbox.  
  • Plus: Full access to ParentData.org plus your choice of newsletters in your inbox each week, including: The Latest, PregnantData, Babies and Toddlers, Big Kids, and Hot Flash. You’ll also have priority access to new monthly virtual events with me and special guests.
  • Premium: Immerse yourself in all things data! Get everything in the Plus subscription, including guaranteed access to our monthly virtual events and an exclusive pre-show with me.

If you would prefer to be a free subscriber to ParentData, you will still have the option to do that. As a free subscriber, you get limited article reads on ParentData.org plus occasional newsletters in your inbox.

What happens to my current subscription?

Our goal is to ensure that this transition is seamless for our existing subscribers. You will be given the opportunity to continue at your current rate or upgrade to a new subscription. You can also visit your Account page now to easily explore the new options.

Any questions?

Our team is here to support you with any questions or feedback you have. Check out our FAQs, where we have more detailed information on the subscriptions. If you want to speak with someone on our team, please reach out to us at ask@parentdata.org

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