Should you stop trying to conceive because of the virus? This is the #1 inbox question of the day. I thought it was more efficient to answer it in bulk.

The data is ever-evolving, so there is tremendous uncertainty in everything these days. Having said that, based on what we know from (very small samples from) China there isn’t any reason to think COVID-19 is especially bad for pregnant women. If you are pregnant or become pregnant, you should always be taking slightly more precautions around issues like the flu. And there are good reasons to be avoiding crowds and social distancing. But perhaps not much more so due to pregnancy.

Should you stop trying to conceive? Again, I don’t think there is a strong medical case for that. On the other hand, over the next couple of months it may be more difficult to access medical care, which pregnant women need more than the average. It is hard to predict how long this will last. As has become pretty clear in the last few days, I think, societal disruption is a reality now, so worth considering the impacts even putting aside medical concerns.

In the end, the right answer here may come down to your flexibility. If you are indifferent between now and three months from now, I might wait. If you are two years into your fertility journey and about to do an IVF transfer, perhaps not.

Stay safe.