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For the next month, we’re collaborating with Rachel Deutsch (also known as @weirdmomart on Instagram; please do yourself a favor and follow her if you haven’t yet). She’s going to create an original illustration based on the reader question every week. We’re thrilled to work with Rachel, who is also a social worker and a mom of two toddlers, so we asked her to write and illustrate this week’s question. You don’t want to miss it.

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Ahead of schedule


My win: three-month look-ahead calendars! I never have to tell my kids anything anymore. All activities and events get added there, and they like to check it daily. No surprises or forgetting what’s happening!

Demoralized at day care

—Struck Out

My four-month-old just started day care. I knew it would be sad to hand her off to strangers, but I didn’t anticipate all the other ways it would be hard. Notably, she decided to go on a nursing strike! It’s been really hard not to feel demoralized and rejected by her, and I’m hoping it’s just a phase as she adjusts to all of this change. I’m having a really hard time and have been in tears a lot this week.

Parents and Partners


My spouse and I are actually being kind to one another. The kids see this and feel more connected to us. Looking out for one another has felt extra-hard while parenting three under 6, including a new baby. An awesome therapist has helped us turn toward one another, let go of expectations, and feel like a team again. Partnership in parenting feels so rewarding and has paid huge dividends in our kids’ behavior and sense of belonging.

This week’s reader question

I try to model body love for my kids. I’m trying to re-train my brain to genuinely believe softer, aging bodies, graying hair, and wrinkles are lovely. Besides looking at Renaissance paintings of reclining nude women and stroking soft fruit, how can I achieve this?  


An homage to the painting "Birth of Venus," in which a mom surrounded by children's items stands on a shell.

Rachel Deutsch

What do you think?

How are you modeling body love as a parent — and discovering it for yourself?

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