We’re back with your wins and woes of the week, plus a reader question about feeling lost when thinking about the future.

It’s Election Day. I hope that whatever your beliefs, you have the chance to use your voice and vote today. And that these stories can be a reminder of all the experiences that connect us.

Cheese Solves Everything


You guys. Sprinkle cheese! My youngest is going through the pickiest picky phase I have ever encountered. Enter grated parmesan. It takes his acceptance rate up to about 50%. I’ll take it.

Feeling Spooked

—Nicole, tired mom of 4

I love looking at all of the cute Halloween costumes and family themes! But sometimes I feel like the only one with difficult children who don’t like dressing up, wearing anything on their head, and having their picture taken. This picture below sums up how we all felt trying to get out the door on Halloween.

Low Supply

—Mixed Emotions Momma

I found out my breast milk supply is decreasing and now I have to supplement with formula. Not sad about the formula part at all since I know “fed is best,” but I am feeling a little down about my own body deciding when it’s time to end breastfeeding and not a decision that I got to make on my own.

This week’s reader question

My husband is extremely unhappy with work; I am a SAHP (I was laid off two weeks before my daughter was born early in the pandemic) and I constantly worry about our life, expanding our family, finances, if I should work, how to work, etc. Any other parents just feeling utterly lost on the future? I know I should focus on the now. It’s just so hard to now think of the future and what changes may loom ahead.

—Stay-at-Home Parent

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