We’re back with your parenting wins and woes. Whether you’re flying high or feeling low this week, remember that you’re not alone.

Today we’re also sharing a message from a reader looking for ideas, support, and positivity while raising a daughter in the post-Roe South.

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Five stars

—Oatmeal FTW

One busy evening, I fed my toddler instant oatmeal with microwaved peas since there wasn’t time for much else before bedtime. She loved it! Months later, she still asks to eat oatmeal for breakfast and dinner and is delighted when I say yes!


—TTC #2

We got pregnant with our first so easily and took it for granted it would be the same the second time around. After months and months of OB and RE, appointments we have officially hit the one year mark of trying with no explanation as to why it’s not happening. Hiding the crippling disappointment and growing depression every month is so hard while trying to stay upbeat in front of our little guy.

Kind kiddo 

—His Win, Not Mine, I Think

On the third day of summer camp, my second grader told me that there’s a kindergartner who is following him around and doing everything he does and, to paraphrase him: it’s a little bit annoying, but I let him and I play with him because he likes me and doesn’t have any other friends yet. To see the kid who spent the last school year frequently being excluded from a playground group turn around and take the lesson that he should *include* others, not *exclude* them was a proud moment.

This week’s reader question

I am a female founder, run a company (bootstrapped from scratch, no investment, no inherited wealth), and parent two kids (5 and 7). I had a miscarriage and went through IVF for one, and the Roe v. Wade news has hit me pretty hard. I’m struggling with believing that my daughter will have the same choices as my son. It’s such a grind to be a working mother and so hard to continue to reinforce gender equity at the moment. I welcome ideas, support, and general positivity. Everywhere I turn, everyone is so down and depressed and I have to believe our daughters have something to look forward to! 

—Working Mama Bear in the South

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