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We also have a question from a reader who is feeling like she’s lost her superpowers after having her second child.

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—Just Another 2022 Mom

Survived the first week of my newborn’s life, in an apartment with a toddler, with my partner in COVID quarantine out of the house.


—Evolving Mama

I am nine weeks postpartum with my second child, and the more I reflect on our most recent birth story, the more I am proud of my husband and me for our growth in flexibility. This little one came barreling into the world after an 80-minute labor, and my husband was the one to deliver our baby girl in our bedroom. We didn’t plan or prepare for a home birth (hello, new mattress!), but we were calm, cool, and collected. Parenthood is just a series of letting things go and pivoting, and boy, was this birth no exception!

Tale as old as time


In regard to the Disney princess discussion, my 3-year-old daughter watched Beauty and the Beast for the first time recently. After the movie, she proclaimed, “When I grow up, I’m going to be like Belle!” I cautiously held my breath waiting for what she would say next. She continued, “AND WALK IN MY NEIGHBORHOOD! BY! MY! SELF!” Yeah, girl!

This week’s reader question

I have two daughters: a 16-week-old and a 26-month-old. When we had the first, I was very confident staying alone with her from the get-go; it was natural. After the second arrived, I cannot even imagine taking care of the two on my own. I completely freak out at the thought of it, and I feel like a wimp. How old does the old one have to be for this to feel a bit easier? Does this feeling ever go away? Am I going to feel like a superhero mom ever again?

—The Ex-Superhero

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