Our first story today might be an all-time favorite. Who else needs a hug at drop-off?

We also have a reader question about how to lessen the stress of starting solids.

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Bring It In

—Free Hugs

My 3-year-old screamed so much at pre-K drop-off that last year’s teacher came into the hallway and said, “It sounds like someone needs a hug.” I nodded and had my arms fully around her before I realized she meant the 3-year-old.

Chilling with Children

—PNW Loves Her Routines

My 17-month-old daughter and I visited some friends for the weekend who happen to be cool, on-the-go parents whose 1-year-old “just sleeps when she’s tired.” My daughter, on the other hand, vastly enjoys her 2- or 3-hour naps in her crib on the weekends, which is probably very restful after short day-care naps during the week. Unless given a calm, quiet place to sprawl out on her tummy (or maybe a car seat… maybe!), she will just go-go-go, finding new and exciting observations and activities, barreling past her overtired level and into a tantrum monster. The whole weekend I was just filled with anxiety and jealousy watching our friends’ 1-year-old happily playing well past noon or napping in their parents’ arms while I was managing an overtired baby trying to get comfy in a new setting. I feel so bad not providing my baby with what she needs, but why can’t I have these chill days too?!

Party On

—Bookworm Mom

After putting my 1-year-old to bed, I’ve started having “book parties” with my 3-year-old. We cuddle up in my bed with stacks of books and play classical music and read until her bedtime. Sometimes I read to her, and sometimes we each quietly read (or in her case, look at) our own books. It is so special and has the added benefit of being an excellent motivator for good behavior. The other day while I was getting the baby down, she put on pajamas and brushed her teeth without being asked so she could have extra book-party time!

This week’s reader question

I am struggling hard trying to figure out what solids to feed my seven-month-old twins every day. There’s all this pressure to introduce new things and mix it up and “feed them what you eat.” But I eat the same stuff all the time. Variety is hard. I will take any suggestions!

—Tired Twin Mom

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