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Until then, enjoy these stories and our reader question about how to go on a trip without your kids.

That’s amore 

—Allie in Chicago

My baby has been really tentative about starting solids. And I’ve been nervous too! He’s my first, and I get very panicked about choking. Lo and behold — pizza may have been the answer.

Pumping is hard enough

—Milk Melee

It was my first week back at work post a maternity leave that bled into summer break. Figuring out pumping and squeezing it in my teacher schedule is hard. My school has a pumping room, but multiple people with different schedules use it. Today we left a training and three mamas needed the room at the same time, so I volunteered to find a different space. With the assistance of the secretaries, I settled into a small, infrequently used file room. While I was pumping, someone moved furniture in front of the door and I found myself locked in the room and screaming for help. Thankfully, a passerby heard me before I had to message the section chat for rescue. Not sure if the woe is how exhausting pumping is or being stranded in the file room, but I am ready for the weekend!



My son (9.5 weeks) has started refusing the breast. He already primarily drinks formula, as breastfeeding has been such a struggle and he lost too much weight in the beginning days/weeks of his life, so I feel I should be more prepared for this, but I’m simply heartbroken.

I hoped for and assumed a vaginal birth but ended with an emergency C-section. I so looked forward to breastfeeding, but a series of poorly executed interventions have led us here, and I feel I’ve failed us.

(Ed. note: I’m sorry! This is so hard. You’re doing great — and formula is great, too.)

This week’s reader question

I would love to travel just with my husband again, but I feel so nervous leaving our 1.5-year-old alone! How old were your kids when you and your partner went away for the weekend or on a longer trip? How do you know that they’re ready? How did you stay connected to them while you were gone? Give me all the travel (without kids) tips!


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