Emily Oster

Cover images of "Expecting Better," "Cribsheet," and "The Family Firm" by Emily Oster

Who is Emily Oster?

It’s a good question! Here’s one version: I’m a professor of economics at Brown University. I’m also the author of three books on pregnancy and parenting — Expecting BetterCribsheet, and The Family Firm. And I was named to the 2022 TIME 100 list of the most influential people in the world. You can learn more about me here.

Professional headshot of Emily Oster wearing a blue dress outside on a sunny day.

And here’s the second version: I’m a mom of two kids who doesn’t sleep enough. I’m married to a great guy with misguided opinions on teeth-brushing who puts up with all our business being turned into books and newsletters. I like to run. I think I’m funny, though my kids do not. Here’s a photo for that version, from a time I mistakenly took a run with too many bugs.

Selfie of surprised-looking Emily Oster with shirt wrapped around her head while on a run outside in the woods.

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But what is ParentData?

ParentData is a website and newsletter for parents, people who want to be parents, or anyone who likes to do their research before making a decision. With three free emails and a paid Q&A every week—along with over three years’ worth of subscriber-only archives—ParentData aims to give you the numbers and decision-making tools you need to feel more empowered as you make your own pregnancy, parenting, and health choices.

ParentData is written by me, Emily Oster, and includes all the things I like—chartsstatistics, and running recommendations—along with deep dives into the latest panic headlines that are flooding your feed.

At the end of the day, I hope everything that I write helps future generations of parents feel more empowered and relaxed throughout their journey.