This week, three more brave parents share their wins and woes with us — plus a question about the end of maternity leave.

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Salad Days

My 2.5-year-old is completely obsessed with dinosaurs (thank you, PBS’s Dinosaur Train and the old classic The Land Before Time!). He loves to talk about herbivores, meat eaters, etc. and often pretends to be a dino at mealtimes … which means he wants to eat leaves he can get. Now he absolutely loves salads (“more leaves, please!”), which just makes me so happy.

Stepping Up

—True, but ouch

Not a parenting struggle so much as a new step-parenting milestone reached: the first time to get the line “You’re not my real mom! I just want my REAL mom!” in four years. Totally true, kid, and I agree — but it was nicer when we didn’t say it out loud.

Cheap Thrills


Today, our five-month-old happily kicked the wall behind our bed for 20 minutes. EASY! FREE!

Time for you to chime in

A reader writes:

My maternity leave is ending next week. I’m really struggling with missing time with my daughter but also continuing my career that I worked so hard to achieve.

First, cheers for our reader. Second, what helped you?

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