It’s the wins and woes for this week. Got your own? Contribute here.

A Wordle woe


My 4-year-old son’s dentist has a waiting room with games for the kids. My son played with a smaller child, and when he won, he gloated and trash-talked the poor little girl. “I win! I’m the best! You’re the loser!” Etc.

I was shocked. How could my sweet little son think it’s okay to taunt a smaller child? Then I realized… He was imitating me and my wife when we play Wordle.

A peek at the future

—Playing a very long game

To look forward to…: HE MADE DINNER!!! A few days ago my husband and I were both working in the yard and wanted to finish up before dark. We consulted and decided that we were good with cereal/sandwiches for dinner. Not long after, my 14-year-old came outside to find me to ask what we were having. He was not best pleased by the plan. Without thinking too much, I replied that he was welcome to make us all spaghetti if he preferred that. He did. He returned a couple times during the process to ask things like “Can I use the ground meat if it’s in the freezer?” and further details of the defrosting process. About 30 minutes later, I came in, washed mud off my hands, and shared spaghetti with meat sauce, apple slices, and baby carrots with my family. I share because (a) I’m super-proud and want to remember this, and (b) this is a LONG TIME COMING. If you have littles who need you for everything, they too will one day be capable of real help.

…and what doesn’t change: Now, if we could all just clean our rooms.

Cold days 


For every day this year (2022), I make a daily sketch and journal entry. I’ve titled the project #LonelyMomwithLovelyKids.

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