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Blanket for the win

—Trying my best

We are still working on overnight potty training with our almost 5-year-old. I know biologically he may not be able to control it while sleeping, but we were suspicious that the accidents were actually happening first thing in the morning because he wouldn’t remember to get up and go potty right away. We had tried gentle reminders, training underwear, pull-ups, but it was still happening. Recently I gifted him with a new blanket for his bed; it’s huge and fuzzy and covered in his favorite cartoon character. I didn’t intend for there to be any connection with potty learning, but since he got it, there have been no accidents — he told me very explicitly that he’s not going to get his new blanket wet!

Feeling it all

—All over the place

My husband and I are trying for our second. In the few months since we started, it feels like I’ve been inundated with news of either (1) friends who weren’t trying who are happily pregnant or (2) friends who have been trying who had miscarriages. I’m stuck with a mixture of emotions. Happiness with a twinge of jealousy for my friends expanding their families. Sadness and anger at the unfairness of how families do and don’t expand. And hopefulness that miscarriages are often not the end of the story.

Mini me

—Mama of a Miracle

She was adopted at birth but is my mini me in every way. She tidies up her toys while singing, helps with the cooking, loves to make art, and falls over laughing at the same dumb stuff that makes me snort-laugh. It’s amazing to see SO much of myself in my daughter even though it’s not in her genes! ♥️

Time for you to help

Our reader, Rita, writes:

How do you respond when your toddler says he needs to sleep in your bed because he “doesn’t want to sleep alone?”

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